12 Days of Christmas – CovCares Style

The PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index tells us every year what “The 12 Days of Christmas” song would cost someone and they have revealed that in 2014 it would cost your true love $27,673.22.

For a slightly more affordable $6,710 you could also show your true love with these 12 CovCares items.

The gifts my true love gave to me…

-Worms in a Mulberry Tree – $45

Two Solar Panels – $250/eachcovcaresz_large

Three clutches of chickens – $25/each

Four pigs -a- oinking -$145/each

Five women at a clean well – $100/each

Six men laying a Church foundation – $50/each

Seven buckets of Fish-a-swimming – $25/each

Eight women with re-entry kits– $100/each

Nine Mothers Sewing – $15/each

Ten Families Farming – $125/each

Eleven Thai Campers playing instruments – $50/each

Twelve Missionaries Spreading Good News! – $150/each



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  1. “The problem is not poverty.  The problem is not a lack of resources.  The problem is not a lack of education. 
    The problem is the human heart.  And that, my friends, is changed only through the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Amy Medina 

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