Is God Calling You to Missions?

“Mission began with God and belongs to God. The central purpose of God’s mission has always been to reconcile people with God and with one another. All through the Bible, God sent people to participate in this mission of love for the whole world.

Discerning steps of obedience is done as a community on the denominational and local church levels through Bible study, prayer, discussion, planning, and dependence upon the Holy Spirit.”

(Taken from CWM’s Vision & Commitment)



God has a mission. And you are part of it.


Each person’s part looks different, just like all parts of the Body of Christ are unique and contribute to God’s global mission around the world. But is God calling you to use your gifts and serve as a missionary?

We’d love to discern and pray with you.

And to encourage you, we asked some of our missionaries the question, “How did you know God was calling you to be a missionary?” Keep reading to see what they said…


“I felt the call to serve on the mission field at a very young age – in high school I was passionate about orphans. In college, that passion was confirmed for mission work as I served with Muslim refugees and was offered the opportunity to serve in Belgium.” – Hannah (LTM, France)


“We are a bicultural couple who had no formal mission experience before going on a vision rip to Thailand and feeling like we had ‘come home.’ We saw so much life but were also struck by the immense need. We sensed that God would like to work through us to help meet peoples’ needs.” – Minh & Jen (STM, Thailand)


“I felt called to ministry when I was 12. When I was 16, I took my first international mission trip to Uganda, focusing on evangelism and drama, which encouraged me to join two different theatre groups doing dramas in Honduras and Mexico.  At the age of 21, I realized that the United States needed help too, so I worked at a summer camp outside of Washington DC. As a youth pastor, I am very passionate about mission and love opportunities to serve overseas as well as domestically I look forward to helping organize affordable short-term missions trips right here in the United States!” – Jennifer (STM, Merge Ministries)


“I felt the call to missions while attending the Urbana mission conference. I began medical school & specialized in pediatrics because its combined focus on public health and medicine that could make a long-term impact on a society.  God took me to work in a rural medical clinic in Guatemala and in a children’s hospital emergency department. After spending many years in a private pediatric practice, a short-term mission trip to Romania reawakened my call to mission work.” – Cindy (LTM, Mexico)


“When my father died suddenly of a heart attack, I seriously began to consider my own direction in life and sensed the strong call and leading of God in my life.” – Tim (LTM, Japan)


“When I was 8, I read a missionary biography. After becoming a Christian at the age of 18, I prayed that if God wanted me to work overseas, I was willing to go. I visited Southeast & was disturbed by the poverty and lack of opportunities for people to hear about Christ.  For several years, she prayed for that country, asking God to send more Christian workers there.  Then God said I would be part of the answer to my own prayer.” – Liz (Retired STM, East Asia)


“God was very patient and persistent with me. The fourth time I was asked to go to Thailand, I didn’t say, “No, that’s jungle and bugs, why would I want to go there?” I have loved camping ministry and it was hard to leave a ministry I love and worked at for so many years. God had been working on me to be open to His new direction & I know that this is where I’m supposed to be.” – Cheryl (STM, Thailand)


“I didn’t consider becoming a missionary until I was 47!  At a missions conference, a speaker said, “Who will go if not you?”  My wife and I realized that we had no excuse.  It was time to stop saying someone else should go.  It was time for us to prepare to go.” – Jim (Project Missionary, Mongolia)




“With God’s help, we strive to be partners with those whom God has gifted and brought together for Spirit-led proclamation and the loving demonstration of the whole message of God’s good news to the whole world. We listen together for God’s guidance through the Word, the Spirit, and the community, moving forward in the mutual transformation that God has designed for us.”




Consider partnering with us to advance God’s global mission!

Become a missionary.

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  1. Yes and amen God is calling me to preach to gospel in his will by the HOly Spirit power in Jesus name and be blessing in our people from finland here in sweden  ,so fantastic  love of the Father that send me to be his used in joy thanks and bless and pray for me ,keijo sweden

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