2020 – A year of COVID Lockdown and into 2021 – A year of new adventures

Y el Dios de esperanza os llene de todo gozo y paz en el creer, para que abundéis en esperanza por el poder del Espíritu Santo. (Romanos 15:13 RVR1960)

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13 NLT)

Feliz Año Nuevo!

* Reminder – Contact Info – +5492944314950 WhatsApp
or 1-250-551-7054 Texting until March 2021

This is the best mode of communication. If you send an email please know that it may take me a few days to respond, depending on internet.

I first want to take a moment to thank you all for your prayers.  There is power in community and it is shown in mighty ways. Prayer sustains us, uplifts us, encourages us. It connects us is ways we really can’t explain; but we know when others are praying for us don’t we?!

2020 has been such a challenging, difficult and yet exciting adventure of a year for all of us.  Challenging and difficult in so many different ways.  Changes in how we do ministry together; losses of loved ones; losses of plans and dreams.  Exciting adventures as God took what we saw as a horrible circumstance and wove His glory and love into it. Travel adventures that could only be accomplished by His involvement.  New doors opened; a new life of joy.  There is a difference between a happy life and a joyful life.  I don’t know about you; but sometimes I have to look really hard to see it, and sometimes I don’t see it right away, but I know it’s there and that gives me a firm peace – especially in the middle of this chaotic year.
2019 ended with a second Merge group that served in Bariloche.  The Trinity Covenant Church spent a very busy week experiencing God’s ministry in Argentina.  Thank you guys!  It also began the ramping up for Acts 29. Acts29.global  Check it out!  Look up Acts 29 in your bible……. jajaj …… The Story Continues… It is our chapter to write.  I was so blessed to be one the school directors for the Chile/Argentina School.  An amazing time of watching God work in the lives of youth and being able to facilitate the logistics.  This is a huge ministry that I am looking forward to future opportunities!  However, 1/2 way through our time in Argentina, we were hit with COVID lockdowns.  It was a frantic few days of getting Serve Global staff back to the USA and then the students back to their respective countries before borders closed.  Sharing about this school could be a long newsletter in itself and I would love to share further detail about it with you, if you are interested. I am thankful for the work of all the leaders involved and while we were sad to end the school so soon and sudden; there is joy in the continued friendships and whatsapps that I see among everyone.  There is joy is all that God did in that short time.

COVID 19 in Argentina – This was termed ‘quarentina in Argentina’ by Lisa Holmlund who was in Argentina as part of the Merge Global Immersion program. Never a dull moment in my apartment!  We experienced months of strict lockdown, restricted travel and movement, no school for the kids – all by WhatsApp and Zoom; no congregating; no sharing mate, meals or hugs.   How we did ministry quickly changed and we had to be flexible and creative at times.  Churches still had services and studies by zoom or WhatsApp.  I would say that youth are more connected now since they have done a weekly zoom meeting; not just with their own church but open to all of Argentina.  Even youth from Chile, Ecuador and Sweden have joined in.  And vice versa for Argentine youth.  Guest speakers were easier to access as well.  A benefit to no travel. But for a country so extroverted and family centered; there were obvious uncomfortable moments when I met someone at the supermarket and we couldn’t embrace.  Yes, we lost a few members to COVID, but there were also several who recovered.  Bariloche had one of it’s best snow years at a time when tourism and everything was shut down.  I was blessed to do a lot of driving for people during this winter season.  Being a Kootenay Canadian girl that loves to drive in the snow has it’s advantages, what can I say.  While we were all restricted in movement and what we could do; it also seemed we were even busier being connected to everyone by WhatsApp.  For myself, it allowed deeper relationships to develop in all churches.  I couldn’t travel to serve with them; but I could work on WhatsApp and together we shared messages of encouragement, studies, devotions, and prayer chains.

Personally there were moments of frustration and grief; and moments of joy and a true peace. I reflected more on my ministry, my own spiritual growth and self care. A new ministry opportunity arose from it.  To provide a retreat centre, or at least a space where Pastors and leaders can truly rest and recharge.  I am so thankful for all who have and are walking with me in this life. I came to a crossroads of accepting a life only in ministry, or accepting a life of joy, free from guilt and grief that my best friend wasn’t where I felt he should be; a life that ministry is woven into.  A future unknown, the next stage of this race, that I have committed to. I have accepted this new life, I continue to walk faithfully where I am led, trusting and knowing that all is prepared, and I only have to obey. I have the choice, the decision, and the privilege to obey and to allow others to see how God works, prepares the way, uses our trials and our victories for good and great.  I can look back and see the big and small details, the paintbrush strokes of the Father, the master creator.  Events that happened to allow other things to be accomplished are made clearer.  I am thankful. I am grateful. I am joyful.  I am reminded of 1Peter1:6.  So be truly glad, there IS wonderful joy ahead, although you have to face many trial for a while.  I know that the trials aren’t over.  But I know that there IS joy. And 1John 4:18 .. there is No fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment… And I am not afraid because I know that God is with me; He is guiding me; and He has amazing plans far greater than I could ever imagine. And I know that Max is celebrating in everything.

I want to ask you again. What are you grateful for, what are you joyful for?  Can you name three things you are thankful for that only happened because of something else; both of which you had no control over?  Where are you being challenged, pulled out of your conform zone?  Let go and experience something greater then you could ever have imagined!  Share your responses so others can see how Christ has been present.

I am also grateful, and joyful for this next phase of life.  A life that involves a home in Argentina.  Yes, space for you to stay when you come to experience Argentina.  I am grateful for safe travels and the ability to visit Canada.  Again, another long story for this.  I am here right now and the original plan was that after some time of rest and renewal; I would visit churches.  Well… God has a funny sense of humour.  I left Argentina during lockdown, they then began to open up more and more, and Canada began to go into lockdown and more and more restrictions.  I’m really learning about rest and self care and enjoying life.  I can honestly tell you that I enjoyed Christmas this year, and I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas 2021, in a decorated house.

I would love to zoom, Skype or have a call with you!  Please contact me and we can arrange something.  I am excited to share that God still, very strongly and firmly, calls me to serve him in Argentina.  My new home.  The current plan is to return home to Bariloche, Argentina at the end of February 2021.  Ministry there will continue to evolve; as does everything in South America!  My main focus will be working with the youth and ladies groups.  English classes.  Healthy cooking classes and agriculture.  Facilitating logistics of events as they are allowed; Acts29.  And of course the ministry of just being present with people; that’s a given.

I am so blessed and humbled by daily conversations with friends in Argentina, who are waiting eagerly for my return.  True family that have completed embraced me and I know that I am their family too.  I’ve been told that I have to celebrate my birthday there; at home; with them.

For a return in February 2021, we are praying for open borders, while I have my DNI (Argentine document) there is paperwork we can’t complete because of closed offices.  I am organizing the shipping of my KLR motorbike and other items that will come home with me.  A new 5 year budget is being completed.  So as long as everything falls into place with borders, travel, fundraising and the unknowns that are sure to pop up; I’ll be living in Argentina, serving our God, and experiencing a life of exciting adventure by March 2021.

I would also like to ask you all to prayerfully consider financially supporting God’s Kingdom work in Argentina.  For those of you already supporting, would you extend your commitment of support?  Monthly, annual and one time donations are all a huge blessing in this work.  Thank you, these words seems so insignificant to what I actually feel.  Thank you for partnering with me; for allowing this work to continue and expand.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  I have been encouraged, uplifted and affirmed in my calling to serve in Argentina.  I am grateful for the texts, notes and emails of encouragement; and sharing about your lives back here.  Thank you for taking those moments to send off a word to me.  Or to any missionary.  It is so very important that we are reminded of those praying for us.

Blessings to all of you!  I wish you all a Happy New Year and God’s Blessings for 2021!  May we experience the hope and peace that He has for us.  This hope and pease that we can’t fully explain.  I know I can’t explain this peace I have in my heart now; but I know it’s there.

Don’t forget to note the new contact info:

WhatsApp:  +5492944314950 – This is the best mode of contact
While I am in Canada 1-250-551-7054

Prayer and Praise

I will forever be thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you.  For your prayers, your support, your friendship and your presence in my life.

I am thankful and grateful for my family in Argentina .  For their friendship, unconditional love, support and encouragement.

Praise and gratefulness for the ECCC and the ECC – it is exciting, wonderful and I am humbled to be a part of this family – to be a Canadian Covenant Missionary! I am proud to be an ambassador for Christ with the Covenant!  I am thankful for God’s timing and working in all the details of my life.

Prayer requests include:

– This time of ‘Home Assignment’ in Canada.  To be refilled and renewed.  To be able to visit (virtually?) with as many churches as possible to share about Argentina; the past few years and the future years

– Prayers for additional committed financial partners In God’s Kingdom

– For extra strength on the hard days, refilling and rest to be more effective in ministry, to be a blessing to others.

– Prayers for Argentina as they face economic issues, and for the churches as they respond.  Especially during this time of COVID.

– Prayers as the churches in Argentina respond to the newly passed laws on Abortion

– Praise and rejoicing for the family and friends that I have in Argentina

– Prayers for Merge teams, individuals, couples and family that are looking to come to Argentina

– Praise for the funding that has been generously provided – Thank you all!


Support Options

I’d love to connect with you all.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything – Visiting your church, Missions, Argentina, ServeGlobally, Prayer Support, Financial Support


From Canada:

Mail your donation:
Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
PO Box 2247
Strathmore, AB
T1P 1K2

write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online: covchurch.ca/giving
– select Global Argentina

Etransfer to donate@covchurch.ca
– write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online at … covchurch.ca/nahnychuk

From USA
Evangelical Covenant Church
8303 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL   60631

write “Colleen Nahnychuk Support” in memo

Online: covchurch.org/mission/cnahnychuk 

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