July 2019

The Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you; to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:8

July – hot summer days, Moto rides in the mountains, kayaking and hiking.   That’s a summer July once had.  Reality = Winter time!! cold winter days, snow in Bariloche, lots of lattes and experiencing winter in the North and the South of Argentina; and a bit in Chile too,

July was a busy month.  It started off, almost feeling overwhelming.  Lots to do, a lot of travel, over the next few months there would be a lot on my plate with studies, travel and serving.  I passed the one year anniversary of living in Argentina. In the grieving process, there was a shift – a hard shift; the full reality of acceptance of this new life, this next stage in the race to be run.

The residency process continues as I wait for the final documents, but I am grateful to have received a document that allows me to travel out of Argentina while waiting.  Therefore, I was able to accompany eight of our youth from Argentina – Roca Eterna and Betel (Neuquen and Bariloche) to the Annual Youth Event in Rancagua, Chile.  It was a wonderful weekend filled with workshops, worship, games, laughter and food.  There were times of sharing testimonies and sharing life together.  A large group of us went to Fantasilandia in Santiago for the last day and I don’t think I’ve been on so many roller coasters and out of my comfort zone like that in a very long time.  Thank you to all the youth in Argentina and Chile for inviting me to participate and for the great laughter at the park.


From Santiago while I flew to Buenos Aires, my youth group from Betel had their own travel adventure.  Due to snow and a rock slide, the highway and border crossing was closed for a bit.  This allowed the Covenant Church in Orsono to care for our youth and they all had additional time of getting to know one another. I was met by a Merge team from Olympia WA as well as my Mergies here – Evelina, Esther and Juanka.  We served alongside Iglesia Eben Ezer and really were loved on and served on far more then we were loving and serving.  The church in Beratzetagui is one of my homes as you know.  It was such a blessing and so special to watch the interactions of the families and all the youth.  This was one of Max’s goals for being here – to support Merge with visiting groups.  This support including translating, being a part of the team with Esher, serving alongside Grace Community Covenant Church in many capacities, and having the blessing of staying with Beto and Claudia with three of the girls from the team.  As well, one of the projects that Max and Pastor Ivan had discussed back in 2016 was being completed.  My heart was full and overflowing many times. There are already several photos and videos shared on FB for the work done and I’ll do a separate blog post for this time; but I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of this group.  I was blessed by so many of the youth’s testimonies and watching them live out their faith.  I am encouraged and look forward to seeing how God moves in their lives.  I am honoured to have met Pastora Lisa and hear her story and to be able to pray for her as she enters a new stage in her race.  We walk these journey’s together and we pray together, we uplift each other and we carry each other.  No one is alone. As a group we also enjoyed some times of rest together, in Buenos Aires, at Iquazu Falls and a day in Campo.


August brings about more travel, more youth, and more growth.  I am excited to visit El Predio and La Plata after a time of rest in Beratzetagui.  August is also the time for the Annual Youth Event of the District Sur of Argentine Covenant Churches.  This will be held in Neuquen.  I am happy to be part of this event and also to visit and serve the church in Neuquen, where of course, there are more friends and family.

I am also moving forward with studies at North Park University.  I am taking the Intercultural Ministry Certificate and have made the decision to become a Consecrated Missionary.  No ordination for me at this point in time; but I’m not fully saying no – just not right now.  These courses mean a lot of reading and preparing while in ministry.

October through till the beginning of December will also be a busy time of travel, serving, events and another Merge group!  I am praying that some of the Canadian churches; or just a family or couple, will begin planning a trip to Argentina.  I would love to share this life with many of you!  Please contact me if you’re still interested!

I pray that you are all enjoying your summer and times with family and friends.  Blessings to all of you!

Don’t forget to note the new contact info:

WhatsApp:  +5492944314950 – This is the best mode of contact

Mailing address for the ECCC has changed:
PO Box 2247, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1K2

Mailing address here in Argentina:  Please advise if you mail anything – Mail isn’t the most reliable at this point

Cacique Purran No 4019, Barrio El Frutillar
(8400) San Carlos de Bariloche
Provincia de Rio Negro, Republica Argentina

Prayer and Praise

I will forever be thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you.  For your prayers, your support, your friendship and your presence in my life.

Praise and gratefulness for the ECCC and the ECC – it is exciting, wonderful and I am humbled to be a part of this family – to be a Canadian Covenant Missionary! I am proud to be an ambassador for Christ with the Covenant!  I am thankful for God’s timing and working in all the details of my life.

Prayer requests include: the completion of residency, continued growth and knowledge in language, upcoming travel and times with the other churches.  For extra strength on the hard days, refilling and rest to be more effective in ministry, to be a blessing to others.

Prayer for 2019 and the continued ministry here and a clearer view of my role in it. Prayers as I move deeper into ministry – and deeper into this new life without Max. I’d like to ask for extra prayer as Sept 13 nears.

Prayers for Argentina as they face economic issues, and for the churches as they respond

Continued prayers for BET EL as we find a new location and pray for God’s direction in this transition.

Continued prayers for the congregations – of those remaining with the Covenant and those following the other pastor.

Praise and rejoicing for the family and friends that I have here

Prayers for Merge teams, individuals, couples and family that are looking to come to Argentina

Praise for the funding that has been generously provided


Support Options

I’d love to connect with you all.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything – Visiting your church, Missions, Argentina, ServeGlobally, Prayer Support, Financial Support


From Canada:

Mail your donation:
Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
PO Box 2247
Strathmore, AB
T1P 1K2

write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online: covchurch.ca/giving
– select Global Argentina

Etransfer to donate@covchurch.ca
– write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online at … covchurch.ca/nahnychuk

From USA
Evangelical Covenant Church
8303 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL   60631

write “Colleen Nahnychuk Support” in memo

Online: covchurch.org/mission/cnahnychuk 

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