Across Canada… Well, the western part at least….

Just a short post to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone!  Keep watch in your emails for our next update coming out next week!

We have been travelling around Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta connecting with various churches and creating awareness for Argentina and of course, fundraising.  The commitments for prayer and financial support has been very encouraging.

Our blog will soon have some exciting features!  You will be able to track our fundraising goal along with us and soon enough there will be a countdown calendar for when we leave to embark on our language studies!  Be sure to submit your pledge to the ECCC office, or go online  The sooner these are received (even if pledges start in the future) the sooner the countdown begins and the sooner the countdown begins, the sooner we can join God at work in Argentina!

Thank you for being a part of this!  Until next week….. Dios le bendiga!



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