Something New for a Friday Afternoon!

It is 2:15 on a Friday afternoon and school gets out for the weekend at 3:22.  What student wants to take a test, do a worksheet or even take notes?  What teacher wants to teach the students even if they are doing a lab or something else active?

Chemistry lab is fun but not last period on Friday afternoon!

So typically we have scheduled a study hall (which we call Prep) or an elective class at the end of the day on Friday.  Students mostly use this Prep for visiting with each other and those with academic electives are not very happy (or their teachers) about trying to work at this less than optimal time.

Study time – when occasionally work really does get done – just not on Friday afternoon!

However our students really like to talk to each other, learn some fun things, play sports and even serve their community.  So …. Here Comes Community Time!

Team competitions!

We took a poorly used Prep and turned it into a great time of COLOUCLAN competitions, community service and clubs based on student interest.  

The team I am on – the Blue Flames! See our bunsen burners 🙂

Jeff is teaching tennis and my needlecraft club has decided to try counted cross-stitch.  We have started planning some community service projects which may include painting the speed bumps, picking up trash, making food for the sports tournaments and on goes the list.

So far it has been a nice change to our Friday afternoons!

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