Holding Onto Thanksgiving – It Is Still November!

Even here, in the middle of Africa, Christmas decorations are hung in many homes and the stores are filling with specialty items.  And yet, it is still November and I want to hang on to Thanksgiving just a bit longer.


We live in a fast paced world where it seems like everyone is always striving to move forward.  We live in anticipation of what is to come in the future – be it vacation, new opportunities, new sights and new experiences.  However I long to stay just a bit longer in the moment of reflection and thankfulness for all that God has done this year.

A return to Cameroon and RFIS.

Worship during morning chapel at RFIS

A beautiful granddaughter.

Health for I and my family despite challenging moments.

Some of the healthy members of our family not long before we left the US.

Friends to share food and fellowship with.

Thanksgiving dinner on our screened-in porch.

Don’t get me wrong – I  also look forward to coming events.

In 29 days I will be able to hold this bundle of joy – but whose counting?

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