Velocity, Acceleration, and Off We Go!

The school year started with a number of short weeks making it hard to get into the “swing” of things.  It seemed like we were just gaining momentum and then another extra holiday happened.  Does this sound a bit like I might be teaching Physics?

If you thought so – well then you were correct.  Over the years I have taught some Physics topics in the midst of teaching the 9th and 10th grade Coordinated Science course, but this year not only did the 10th grade start with Physics but I agreed to teach a Physics course!  Originally it was planned to be an online course which I would supervise and coordinate.  However after the first meeting of the class I was convinced that they really wanted a “live” Physics class and my acquaintance with this book became intense.

My new “weight” as I exercise my Physics knowledge.


My students are great and they are enjoying (maybe) the opportunity to do labs that are true “inquiry”.  That is because their teacher is not really sure what will happen with what they try to do so they really do have to work it out.


Trying to figure out how to determine if their set up has constant acceleration.

But bit by bit we are gaining traction with the material and we are learning together.

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