Back to School — Again!

August 7 was the first day of school for us at Rain Forest International School.  Actually I should say the first day of school for all the students and staff, but the staff had been at school for quite a few more days.

New year = New Agenda Ready to make some memories!

Jeff and I began soon after arriving in Cameroon to get settled into our spaces.  Carolyn is teaching a full load and is not the Assistant Director this year, so her move in required settling into a new space and trying to make it work for her very full teaching load (currently the only high school science teacher) and for her other responsibilities with curriculum and testing.  Thankfully the current Assistant Director is still willing to keep the files not currently needed in his office.

We spent some days learning new teaching skills related to Project Based Learning and also spent time getting to know the whole staff at our annual staff retreat.

Jeff spent long hours catching up the accounting and paying all the employees as well as making a trip to town to get money from the bank.

New student orientation – getting to know each other.

Then in quick succession came many admissions meetings, orientation for new students, parent back-to-school night, and then on August 7 the full-blown start of school.

Learning how to get food!

That meant special assemblies to remind students of the boundaries within which we must all live as well as graded class meetings and teaching a full load of classes. Whew – what a week no wonder I came home tired each day!

Learning and practicing the dress code boundries.

The week ended with an afternoon of fun and food – Kick Off Day!

To tell the Truth! And Carolyn was the truth-teller.

Kick -Off Day lunch!

And so we begin again!

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