Raising a Roof in the Rain Forest

One of the distinctives of life at Rain Forest International School is RAIN.  During certain times of the year we can have torrential downpours most afternoons.

This plays havoc with sports practices and tournaments.

Thus the desire to build a covered facility which will keep out the rain even when the wind is blowing.  It took a few years to design this facility and the construction started more than a year ago.

The large steel beams had to be imported and even getting them unloaded was an adventure.

Often it seems that nothing is happening, but behind the scenes there is lots of preparation work going on.

During the last month the roof structure has gone up.

We are excited to get back to RFIS to see and use this facility in our ministries with students.  Please consider partnering with us to enable us to continue to impact the lives of students and families in Cameroon. You can easily do this by clicking on the link on the right side or dropping an email.

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