Never-ending… And That is NOT a Bad Thing!

For the last two months we have been in the midst of… (a dreaded word by all RFIS students)


It is part of our lives and yours too if you are honest.  Transition is all about changes.  The fact is that changes are always happening.  The question is really how fast and how significant those changes are.  

In our case there have been lots of them and they have been significant.  Some are good, some are painful and difficult to understand, and others are a mixed bag.

On the good side, we have spent good time with three of our five “kids”, our parents and other family members, and long-time friends in the UK, California and Chicago.  We have had a vacations in Italy and Lake Tahoe.  We have begun to reconnect with ministry partners.  Those transitions have been fun.

On the mixed side, we packed up our apartment in Cameroon and unpacked our house in California.  Packing is not fun, and unpacking only slightly better.  However the accomplishment of completion is good.  We have begun a remodeling project in our California home and the results we hope will be good once we endure the loud crashes and bangs of demolition and the mess of the project.  A friend from Cameroon has come to stay and we are enjoying spending time with her, although the health problems that brought her this way are still to be resolved.

And then the painful transitions.  Just this week a dear Cameroonian colleague whom we worked with for 15 years passed away.  We know that the loss to his family is extreme and our sadness is great.  To be honest, it doesn’t yet seem real.

Would you pray with and for us in this time of transition?  We are thankful to be here at this time.

(next week – back to pictures!)

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One Response to Never-ending… And That is NOT a Bad Thing!

  1. Gwen Luepke says:

    Yes, transitions were always the tiresome part for me.

    Hope to see you some time in your travels. Our home is always open for you to stay overnight.

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