When Fun and Joy are United.

What a week!  Actually what a couple of weeks it has been.

First it was finals for Seniors and Senior Chapel

One tradition is for the Senior class to paint a section of the wall with a design of their choice and their names during the night before Senior Chapel.

Senior Chapel

Then finals for the rest of the school and the 10th grade BURN Party,

I am one of the tenth grade class advisors and on completion of their external IGCSE exams there is a tradition to burn their notes. This year we burned them and made personal pan pizzas all before the High School Celebration.

Middle School and High School Celebrations,

Students are recognized for a wide variety of achievements including sports, academics, performance and attendance. This student is receiving an award for her service within the school community.

Graduation …

The graduates!


Praying for the graduates after graduation at the reception for graduates, their families and teachers.

And  the Alumni/Student Football (aka soccer) game.

A fairly new tradition is for the alumni to play a soccer game after graduation against the RFIS students – including the recent graduates playing for RFIS one last time.

Finally  – time to collapse – but no, …. it is packing time.

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