Growing yeast and individuals at RFIS

Earlier this week my biology class had to design an experiment to investigate a factor that could impact the growth rate of yeast.  Each group designed their own experiment, including choosing the factor to explore and how to measure its effect.  Each group needed to consider how to make sure their results were reliable.


You can see the creativity of their set-ups.  Some were complicated and involved lots of equipment.  Others were simpler and less complicated.


It is much the same with our relationships with others.  Sometimes our relationships are complicated and there are many intertwined parts.  Other relationships are simpler and easier to navigate.  One of the joys of working with teenage students is helping them navigate different types of relationships and to develop their skills in communicating clearly.

Next year Jeff and I will be in the US for a year on a home assignment.  This means someone needs to come and help these students not only learn some biology but also to encourage them as they learn to grow relationships.


Please consider these needs and if you are interested, I would love to hear from you!  Perhaps you know someone who could come even if you are not called to come yourself.

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