Advent: Anticipating Faith

On Sunday I got out the advent candles, even though it was still November.  There are a number of different interpretations of what the different candles in an advent wreath stand for.  This year I have chosen to look at Faith as the first of those candles.  In subsequent weeks I will focus on Hope, Joy and Peace.  The Christmas candle focuses on Love.

Advent candles to remind us of the meaning of advent.

Advent candles to remind us of the meaning of advent.

Advent is  a time of preparation or anticipation.  A focus on growing in faith this week is a challenge.  Finding the faith to believe that God could work good in this world and in my life despite the circumstances is hard.  As the week has unfolded with both tragic and joyous events my desire is to look beyond the circumstances and with “the eyes of faith” to see the world as God sees it.

Join me in prayer that by faith:

*  I would pray for the orphaned child of those who carried out the massacre in San Bernardino.  Specifically that she would be raised with love and not hate.

*  I would believe that the premature grandson of my friend would continue to grow strong and healthy.

What peace on his face!

What peace on his face!


*  I would celebrate the steps forward that my students make, even if they occasionally stumble.



 for the birth of our Savior !!

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