Living with Hope and Healing

I have learned a lot from the people I have worked with over the years.  Kerry Keels was one of those people.  She was an amazing outgoing person who lived life with abandon.  She was an incredible chef and used her skills to help our students at RFIS put on some awesome community events.  She had time for everyone and energy to spare.  She invested in people.

My friend Kerry

My friend Kerry

She showed how much people mattered to her in how she lived with cancer.  She prayed and sought prayer for her cancer to be defeated.  She shared the ups and downs of her journey with our school.  Our students prayed and when she received some remarkable but short-lived healing, they rejoiced.  When the cancer returned with renewed vigor, Kerry was more worried that our students would lose faith in God’s goodness than her own impending death.  She wanted us all to know that she was being healed just not as we had expected.  Her witness to God’s goodness even in the face of death is a constant encouragement to me to look for His purposes and see the good that is present.

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