Falling balls – recovering most before they hit the ground.

This is a busy time of year – our last post discussed keeping the balls in the air.  This blog is one of the fallen balls, but thankfully the more important balls are still in the air.  The external exams are coming to the end, and so far all have happened as required despite misread schedules, road closures and equipment issues. 

The apartment is moving along quickly.  In the last week, paint has gone on the walls and tile has been laid.  the tile work is close to being finished and the final coat of paint should go on most walls early in the week.  So we spent another day looking at tile for coutertops and the shower.

Monday May 14 tiles are started in the bedroom and begun down the hall. The boxes of tiles are stacked in the living room


By Friday, May 18, the tile is laid and the grouting is in progress. The sawdust is used to clean the tile of all extra cement as the tile is grouted.


The porch and the bathroom (which still needs some plumbing work) are the last areas left to be tiled. Note the diminished number of boxes of tile.


On the packing front we are making progress in sorting and packing  up parts of the various rooms. 

At school, in addition to external exams, this past weekend was the High School banquet.  A great night and opportunity to say some thank-you’s and goodbyes.

My AP biology students (with me) at the Banquet. They worked so hard this year and deserve the fun of this evening.

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