Favorite places with special people

Today is a public holiday in Cameroon – it the known here as Fête du Mouton.   It is a celebration in remembrance of God providing a ram to take the place of Ishmael who Abraham was told to sacrifice according to Islamic tradition.  This is a holiday that is a bit of a moving target since it is set according to seeing the correct phase of the moon. 

For us it means a day off school and a chance to rest a bit, catch up on projects at school and at home and also remember some of the amazing gifts God has given to us. 

Family picture a few years ago at Yosemite - one of our favorite places in the US.

Join me today in remembering some favortie places shared with favorite people.  I can’t get everything in one post so this is simply a sampling of my favorite places with people that are special to us.  Who would you include?  Where is your favorite place?

A picture from the air of our "vacation" place from out years in Zaire - Lake Kwada

Swimming at Lake Kwada - lots of memories especially for Brian and Beth.


After moving to Cameroon – our new vaction spot!


Our Cameroon vacation spot - a bit of paradise.


Fun time on a Christmas trip- memories that can not be taken away even when development destroys the area.


Many wonderful evenings with the missionary family at Kribi.

And these are some of the special people in our lives – our family.

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  1. Elizabeth Stoker says:

    This post made me cry…

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