Happy Birthday to Beth

Since this is Beth’s birthday, I decided to take a look back over the years of our African girl….

Enjoy the look back at all the pictures and the years of our ministry in Africa.  For some of you this may bring back some memories of days gone by.

Beth is on the right with her friend Desi on the left - about 5 months


Brian and Beth sleeping on our water bed during that first year


Our family of four with our workers as we left Africa after our first term in 1991


Beth holding a newborn Keith


Easter at age 2 1/2 - and her hat was a favorite.

Pre-school age teaching Keith to ride the little bike in our living room at Karawa

Kindergarten year -


Grade 5 fun - Nic at Night Musical

Family picture at Thanksgiving during our early years in Yaounde


Driving to Kribi


Christmas during her last year of high school


Beth graduating high school


Beth speaking at Oak Hills church on a Sunday morning


Graduating this year from APU


I thank God for his faithfulness to this beloved child of His over all her years.

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