It’s “summertime” !


Our most recent family picture

This is week 5 of the long break between school years – which in North America we call “summertime”.  I call it a change of routine for a few weeks.

I was going to fill you in this week on what a teacher/adminstrator does for the nine weeks we have off – but it was too long for this forum and since I need to write a newsletter anyway you can look for it there in the next week or two.  (Does this build anticipation or just warn you to watch your email?)

So instead I will share a few pictures of our family (mostly taken from my children’s facebook albums) and leave you wondering how I manage to keep busy during these few weeks of school break.  You can imagine me watching Wimbledon tennis on TV, clearing out my email inboxes (I have three of them that are currently in use) and reading about everyone else’s summer adventures on Facebook.  These would all be true – and quite a few hours at school doing ????  Wait for the newsletter!

Mother's day after the Padre game


Beth and other TCK's at an LA Galaxy game.


Keith and friends in Cameroon

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