Filing Insurance Claims when Outside the US

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Most insurance information you will need is located on Bethany Benefit Service’s webpage.
Please visit for policy information, claim forms, benefits
overviews and more. Below is a detailed description of how to file claims.
When overseas, in-network doctors are very scarce. When receiving medical attention or filling
prescriptions, you will most likely be required to pay the balance up front and request
reimbursement by filing claims after the date of service. Send claims as soon as possible after the date
of service to avoid delays and complications in the approval process.
Information to provide for each claim:
• Claim form: Please fill out the appropriate claim form completely (available for download on
Bethany Benefits webpage)
• Details of what happened on the date of service (not needed for prescription claims)
• Your bill, receipt and/or a letter from the doctor explaining the appointment with a detailed
description of the amount owed (request an itemized bill at the office or hospital)
• A translated version of anything written in another language to English
• The exchange rate to American dollars from the date of service (a screen shot from the
internet is fine)
• Be sure to write dates in this format: Month/Day/Year
How to file a claim:
• Scan each claim as its own electronic document and email to the proper insurance vendor:
-Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield:,
BlueCard Worldwide P.O. Box 72017; Richmond, VA 23255-2017
-Express Scripts: (Express Scripts and Delta Dental prefer all
claims go through Bethany Benefit Service’s office. We will forward them for you.)
Attn: Claims Dept.: P.O. Box 390873; Bloomington, MN 55439-0873
-Delta Dental: (only pdf’s, no jpg’s)
Delta Dental of IL; P.O. Box 5402; Lisle, IL 60532
– EyeMed (DeltaVision): (only pdf’s, no jpg’s)
c/o EyeMed Vision Care Claims Processing: P.O. Box 8504; Mason, OH 45040
• If you are unable to scan and email your claim, be sure to copy all information before
sending in the mail.
How to follow-up on a pending claim:
• All claims should be processed and approved within six weeks of their being sent. Once the
claim is approved, a reimbursement check will be sent to Serve Globally and deposited into
your personal account. An EOB (explanation of benefits) document will become available on the insurance vendor’s website
once the claim has been processed so you can review it.
• Contact the insurance vendor for updates on the status of your claim if it is not processed in
a timely fashion:
o Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield: (800) 810-2583 or (804) 673-1177 or log onto
o Express Scripts: (800) 892-5130 or log onto
o Delta Dental: (800) 323-1743 or (630) 964-2400 or log onto
o EyeMed (DeltaVision): (866) 723-0513 or log onto
• If you need help working with the insurance vendor to get your claim processed, you may
contact Bethany Benefit Service for assistance.
When in the United States for over 6 months, your account will change to a PPO plan, and new
medical cards will be sent to you. Go to for a list of in-network providers
in your area. Please use PPO cards while in the United States and use your indemnity cards after
moving back overseas.
Bethany Benefit Service
P.O. Box 316560
Chicago, IL 60631-6560 USA
800-313-8955 – toll free
773-784-2249 – fax

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