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We are pleased to announce that your policy now includes the protection of Assist America’s global emergency medical services for business and pleasure travel. Anytime you, your insured spouse and/or minor dependent children are traveling 100 miles or more away from Chicago or in another country, you are protected by Assist America’s vast assistance resources.
Services include:
Medical Consultation & Referral, Medical Monitoring, Prescription Assistance, Hospital Admission Assistance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Compassionate Visit, Care of Minor Children, Medical Repatriation, Return of Mortal Remains, Emergency Trauma Counseling, Legal & Interpreter Referrals and much more.
Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.
Download the Assist America Mobile App now for your electronic ID card!

Access to Assist America is as close as your smart phone. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search
“Assist America Mobile.”
Simply install our App on your phone and complete the setup process by entering your Assist America
reference number:01-AA-UN-762490
to unlock all of the powerful features in the Assist America Mobile App. This will create an electronic
membership ID card that will be stored right to your phone. Assist America makes it easy—no need for
paper ID cards anymore, the electronic card on your phone is all you’ll need to contact Assist America
Our free Apps give you instant access to a wide range of assistance including one-touch call to our
24/7 Emergency Operations Center, a downloadable membership ID card, up-to-the-minute travel alerts,
Pre-trip Information such as country-specific visa requirements, immunization regulations, security
advisories, global embassy/consulate locator, U.S. pharmacy locator and more.

A few important things to keep in mind:
• Assist America must arrange and pay for all assistance services. Requests for reimbursement of
services provided by third parties will not be accepted.
• The Assist America program is valid whenever you travel on business or pleasure for no more than 90
consecutive days, more than 100 miles or more from the ECC office or in another country.
• Assist America does not replace your health insurance. Health claims are still handled by your
health insurance plan just as if your medical incident happened at home.
Assist America pays for all of the assistance services it provides with no caps, limits or charge-backs to
anyone, and with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions or geographic risk. The operations center is staffed 24/7 by medically-certified personnel, waiting



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