Introducing Deb Masten!

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Although born in Georgia, I grew up in Southern California. One bit of trivia is that when I entered my elementary school in Georgia in 1965, it was the first time it was desegregated. I did not realize the significance of this until many years later. There was lots of love, laughter, food and storytelling in my immediate and larger family. I grew up in a home listening to gospel, jazz and Motown. As a teenager of the 70s, I also became quite the fan of classic rock! I developed a love for theatre in the drama department in High School. My college years took me to Florida and Virginia and I resided in Connecticut, before leaving for Cambodia with my family in 1994.

It took some years for my heart to be open to the possibility of missions, but once it was, I was in for some of the biggest paradigm shifts of my life! The beauty of seeing God at work in Cambodia and in the 40 countries represented at the international Church I attended in Phnom Penh, was nothing less than soul nourishment. I returned to the States with a renewed richness in my faith, my understanding of poverty, justice, human rights and feeling so privileged to have been so welcomed in my second home country of Cambodia.

I have 3 children. Matt (25) and Alana (almost 23) were born in Connecticut before we left for Cambodia. Jordan (18), the youngest, was born in Chiangmai, Thailand (on the Thai king’s birthday)! My former husband and I are great allies and we enjoy grace filled family gatherings when he is in the U.S.

I have been so grateful to work as a counselor in both Phnom Penh and Seattle. It is an extreme privilege to journey with individuals through healing, discovery, renewed hopefulness and thriving. As with most therapist, I try to live up to the discipline of self-care that is so often preached in our offices. When I am achieving healthy self-care, I can be found enjoying food and laughter with friends, doing a bit of creative writing, enjoying quiet time near water (especially an ocean), enjoying theatre and cinema and whenever possible finding/creating an opportunity to dance! My favorite description was once being called a ‘joy contagion!” I absolutely love puns!

I have at least 14 books that are either unfinished or not yet started on my desks now….. I think taking one to the gym today will be a good start!

Feeling very excited to be joining the Serve Globally team in a couple of weeks. Have felt so welcomed already!

Blessing, Peace and Joy,


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Welcome to Serve Globally! Celia and I are currently living in Georgia. We are grateful you are where you are today with our wonderful Chicago team. While I have 3 years of active service left (God willing) before I retire, I hope we can get to know each other. Blessings!

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