Who We Are

We are Cultural Bridge Builders (文化の架け橋, bunka no kakehashi in Japanese; constructeurs des ponts culturels in French), helping internationals and natives connect with one another through music and language learning serving with Serve Globally in Lyon, France. Our mission is to live out and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as cultural bridge builders to those who may not otherwise experience Jesus, those who have a false and negative view of Jesus, and those who may need help separating a relationship with Christ from religiosity. We do this through language conversation, music, support of refugees and immigrants, training on sharing love and good news in tangible ways (evangelism), outreach and cross-cultural living.

We are non-church planters planting seeds of The Church in non-church locations. In other words, we meet with people in cafes, community centers, homes and parks and live out being The Church together.

We want to share some of our personal experiences, background, history, when and why we were called to move to Lyon, so bienvenue and keep reading!


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