Meaningful last trip to Congo for President Walter

“It is deeply meaningful tome to see the very significant, very real and very transformative progress that has already taken place, knowing that even more is to come.” said President Gary Walter at the end of his trip to visit the Ledia Project in early April.  The Ledia Project, focused on Gemena and the immediate surrounding area, is supported by Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision.  The Ledia Project completed it’s first five year phase in September 2017 and is now starting the next five year phase.

President Walter being welcomed in Gemena

President Walter was able to visit his sponsored child and numerous initiatives of the project including: the Bokonzo capped spring, the new well to supply water to the Saza neighborhood, the youth parliament, the citizens’ advocacy group, an initiative training women to process manioc (cassava) via a different, quicker process and a women’s savings group.

Gary helping the women turn the press to squeeze water out of the shredded manioc.

Before coming to Gemena Walter and the team with him visited

  • Karawa hospital
  • the nursing schools
  • the new Friends of World Mission project for a library and skills lab
  • the Zulu discipleship center
  • Zulu hydro-electric dam (the renovations of which are scheduled to be completed in 2018 so power is restored to Karawa)
  • a nursery started by Cafe Africa
  • a new primary school built with a bequest

WOW.  A full schedule.  Accompanying Walter on the trip were: Al Tizon, Executive Minister of Serve Globally; Donn Engebretson, Director of Covenant Kids Congo; Deb Masten, Director of Personnel for Serve Globally; Mark Seversen, Director of Missional Congregations for Serve Globally; Scott Gillan, Lead Pastor of Naperville Covenant Church; and Annie Martin, World Vision staff for the ECC-WV partnership.

Walter following the explanation of a better way to process manioc into flour.

So what is the impact of a whirlwind trip like this?  For Mark, Deb, Scot and Annie it was their first time to visit Congo and begin to grasp the extensive CEUM ministries along with the initial impact of the Ledia Project.  Gary went on to  reflect on his visit.

“About the visits to my sponsored children, it was very moving to see each of our sponsored children, to know they have the same hopes and dreams as my own daughters and granddaughters.  This project will help them realize those dreams. 

This partnership wouldn’t have happened without the strength of and the relationship with the CEUM.  World Vision made their own assessment and agreed that, yes, this can work.  They appreciated having a relationship with the church for the spiritual aspect it brings to all the work.”

On the partnerships between the ECC & World Vision-US and the CEUM and World Vision-DRC Al Tizon commented:

“I am inspired to keep working on this partnership, on this multi-dimensional partnership with several organizations.  I am inspired by the array of communities being transformed by the multitude of World Vision initiatives.  New for me to see this visit were the child parliament, MAEPASA [the women’s groups working for better nutrition for their children] and the citizens’ advocacy groups.  I am very encouraged by how Deb and Mark were impacted by their first trip; they were embraced by everyone.  The result is that they will be able to do their jobs better.”

Scott and Donn visiting the children they sponsor. Always a highlight.

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