Loko Hospital Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

March 20, 2018 was the 50th anniversary of Loko Hospital.  The CEUM celebrated this anniversary with a big party April 14-15.  We were able to attend the 5 hrs & 50 min (yes indeed!) celebration worship service on the 15th.  What joy!

Welcome to Loko Hospital’s 50th Anniversary

Over the two day celebration the CEUM and community worshiped and thanked the Lord for what He has accomplished.  In addition to worship the Saturday events included a forum for CEUM doctors to share the history of the CEUM’s medical work, in particular that at Loko.  Dr. Justin Gado, the coordinator for the CEUM medical ministry also presented a future perspective looking at the next 25 years.

The provincial Minister of Health

Sunday’s services included speeches and reflections by numerous people including the Mme. Ngbako MBILISI Anastasie, Minister of Health for the Nord-Ubangi Province and a representative of the governor.

And of course there were choirs, lots of choirs as this was a celebration.  The CEUM also gave out certificates of recognition to the many who have served and continue to serve at Loko over the years.

Maternity nurse Elise Ganakomba receiving her certificate. She has worked at the hospital for over 40 years




A precious event took place during the service.  A woman gave birth to a baby girl and they decided to name her Lois, after Dr. Paul’s wife Lois Carlson.











Loko hospital as it looked in the 1960s

After visiting the abandoned hospital at Loko, DR Congo in 1963 Covenant missionaries Dr. Paul Carlson began to dream of creating a Covenant medical center in the 140 bed building complex that had been built by the Belgians to treat lepers, but was never opened.  Following Paul’s untimely death at the hand of rebel soldiers in 1964 Lois, with the support then head of Covenant World Mission, L. Arden Almquist, established the Paul Carlson Medical Program.  The hospital became program’s first project.  Under the supervision of Dr. Wally and Sarah Thornbloom, the project’s first directors and other Covenant missionaries, the hospital was repaired.  On March 20, 1968 the Institut Médical Évangélique de Loko (IMELOKO) was dedicated to the memory of Paul Carlson as a gift from them President Mobutu and the government of Congo to the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM). 

Today the hospital is staffed by 2 Congolese doctors, 25 nurses and many other support staff.  The hospital offers general medicine/adult care, surgery, maternity, obstetrics, pediatric, emergency services, a lab and pharmacy.  There are also other services including a nutrition/feeding center for malnourised children.

The Loko hospital is the reference hospital for the Loko public health zone which covers 2,400 square miles of savanna and forested area.  11 health centers or clinics and an additional 11 health outposts are scattered throughout the area.  These clinics and health outposts provide primary health care for the population of over 125,000.

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