September Praise and Prayer items

As you remember us do thank the Lord for His provision and Pray for these items. Thanks.

– Sarah who got a teaching job at Pilsen Community Academy. She is the 6th-7th-8th grade math teacher. Teacher orientation was this past week and she starts teaching Tuesday, September 4.
– the 75th anniversary of the CEUM & Covenant was a big success. God is good and has blessed the CEUM and that theme was heard throughout the celebration.
– renewed health after all the guests left. Pete got a bad cold, but has recuperated.
– great fun hosting Simon Kamau from Kenya and Matthew Malual from S. Sudan. This visit was very, very good all the way around.
– we celebrated 33 wonderful years together on Aug 25.
– excellent meeting of the medical leadership with Byron, Cindy and Marta Klein earlier in the month.
– seminar on Ephesians for the pastors and spouses of the Kenya Covenant Church. Thanks Centennial Covenant.

– Sarah as she starts teaching September 4. For her preparations, daily strength, patience, classroom management.
– Cindy as she leads a 3 day introduction to CHE (Community Health Evangelism) Sept 3-5 at Karawa for CEUM women’s leaders
– our trip to S Sudan and Kenya. We fly too Kin Sept 8 and to Nairobi Sept 9. Sept 10-16 we will be in Juba working with James Tang to help him set up his house plus CHE for the leadership and more. Sept 17-21 in Kenya where we’ll interact with Simon, see the projects at Kitengela and visit a different CWR project with Dave Husby.
– Pete as he prepares to give a workshop in Kinshasa Sept 24-25. Dave Williams will also speak.

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