Welcome Lunch in Sudan

Our first meal in Sudan

This is a shot of the food we were served Friday afternoon after the church welcomed us to Malakal. In the foreground you have 2 bowls of a kind of porridge out of corn. There is another bowl of the same on the opposite side of the platter. That one had some butter added to it. On the Right, there are 2 bowls of milk. The farther one seemed to be slightly curdled. In the middle is a bowl with some greens and dried fish. There is a bowl of sugar on the upper Left. The “porridge” is some process of corn that is slightly sour. Not pictured was another bowl of a corn a different way. It had not been made into the porridge, but was also slightly sour.

They really wanted us to pour a lots of milk on the corn and then add sugar to counter the sour. Hesitatingly we did take a few spoonfuls of milk all the while thinking negative thoughts of what we could be getting ourselves in to. We asked if the milk had been boiled. Yes, it had, but we don’t know for how long. By the time we were served it was lukewarm. So we took some milk and added sugar, me more than Cindy, and ate
what we could.

Thank you Lord that nothing irregular happened that night nor the next day. We didn’t want to start out sick, but what do you do?

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One Response to “Welcome Lunch in Sudan”

  1. Ronna says:

    Many times I think God protects us in situations where to not eat the food we are served would harm relationships. Often it is best not to know what you are putting in your mouth!

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