Yes, you read that right: we flew home to Gemena on Saturday. It was a long time in time and a confusing morning, but we’re home. On Friday, Pastor Danu, the man who checks on the flights in Kinshasa, checked with the CAA company about our tickets. He was told that they were for Sunday and our space was confirmed. Then Saturday morning he got a call from the CEUM public relations agent in Gemena that the flight was Saturday. He went to the office to confirm it and indeed it was Sat. Danu called us at 9h20 telling us that the flight is at noon. We have an hour drive to the airport, if traffic is reasonable, plus we needed to close up our bags, PLUS our luggage allowance was reduced from 30 kgs to 15 kgs on this plane. So we hurriedly shifted some things from the trunk which we sent later air freight, closed up our bags and were gone by 10. We got to airport at 11h and made it all the way through. Danu also had to solve a problem with my ticket which said it was for the 31st and not the 30th. For some reason Cindy’s said the 30th. We made it through and they closed the doors as soon as we got on.

It feels very, very good to be home. This has to be a record travel time from the US to Gemena. We started the 17th and arrived the 30th, 14 days. 10 days waiting in Kinshasa is too long. Thanks for your prayers for us for patience.

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One Response to “HOME AGAIN – YIPPEE!!”

  1. J.P. Poveda says:

    Pete & Cindy,

    I’m glad you made it home! It was great spending time with you in Kinshasa.

    – jp

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