UPS truck or Airport Limousine service?

UPS or Airport Limo?

Which is it this trip? Or, which are we? A UPS brown delivery truck with next day (or month) deliver of mattresses and 8 boxes of medicines for the health center in Bangui or an airport limousine service getting Sarah to the airport in Bangui or a Greyhound bus taking passengers to Zongo? Every trip in Congo is some combination of many such delivery services in the US.

Loaded Truck

On our return from Zongo Thursday we became the Greyhound again as we picked up 5 police who needed to get to the airport in Gemena to fly to Mbandaka for some training. The big truck they were on was slowly unloading and reloading to cross the bad bridges. We encountered them at the bridge, they asked for a ride and we had room so sure. Their presence also helped us through a couple police checks later. Always good to have your own Commandant in the truck to order people around.

Of course there are the bridges. Who wants to run their tire down this beam to cross?

I-beam to Cross Bridge

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