Sight — what a Christmas gift!!

Mbiakoy Mbango (center), with son & wife

Three years after going blind from cataracts, Mbiakoy Mbango received sight in one eye the week before Christmas. Mbiakoy is in the center of the photo. Also pictured are his son and wife. Hallelujah! What a Christmas gift! The prophet Isaiah’s words “Then will the eyes of the blind be opened,” (35:5) came about just before Christmas.

The story:
Mbiakoy used to work in our yard when we lived in Gemena about 20 years ago. Sometime after we returned this year, he showed up and asked for help. He explained that in September 2007, he lost sight in both eyes. Since that day, he has had to be led around by someone. We accepted his story and helped him a bit. For some reason we did not pursue asking what diagnosis he had received for his condition and whether it could be treated. He came by once every couple months and we would help him.

In late November, he came and told us that he had heard of someone in Gemena who could operate on him and restore his sight. We questioned this some and decided to send him to see the ophthalmologist at the Karawa hospital 50 miles away. We had more confidence in this option than in the unknown in Gemena. The surgery on his right eye to remove the cataract and implant a lens was early Christmas week. Surgery on the left eye will take place on January 10th. We are grateful for a benevolent gift from Covenant World Relief that helps enable more of this kind of help.

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2 Responses to “Sight — what a Christmas gift!!”

  1. jan'n'bob says:

    The ophthalmologist in Karawa is the former CBM doctor for whom Congo Technical Assistance (CTA) started a project to get him a clinic when his was closed down. He had been doing eye exams from the back of trucks for whatever donation people could give him; then surgeries in huts that he sterilized as best he could. He now has a going clinic thanks to many Covenanters who donated to CTA for the project. His shepherd’s heart has given sight to many who would not have been able to see had he not been there. Covenanters donating this project have helped innumerable people see again.

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  2. Jane Chase says:

    I just had coffee with Helen Smith in Oregon. She told me I should follow your blog so I can see what you and they are doing in the Congo.

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