Moses: I serve a great God

“What are you afraid of and how did God help you with that fear? How did He respond to your prayers? These were the questions Cindy asked the congregation as she taught from Joshua 1:1-9 in Nasir, Sudan. Moses Rick responded with this story:

When I was a very small child my father thought he was a prophet and believed in traditional gods. Just before my two older sisters were going to get married, each of them died. My father and his gods couldn’t do anything to prevent their deaths.

I came to see that our traditional gods did not have any power, that they could not help us, so I decided to become a Christian. In Christianity there would be help for me. After I became a Christian I lost all my cattle. Some years later I was able to gain them back again.

After getting married my wife had twins. The first baby was born fine, but the second stayed inside my wife for two days. I feared that my wife would die. I decided to take my wife to the hospital and we asked the church to pray. Some friends told me to curse God and to go to a different god. I responded with what I had seen God do and that “I would not go to a different god.” Before we took my wife to the hospital the sun was very hot during the day and we waited for it to cool off at sunset before walking to the hospital. While we waited the baby was delivered and was fine. We praised God saying, “God is great. God is REALLY great!”

When one of the twin boys was 6 years old he went to check on the fishing net in a time of the flood. On the way to check on the net he drowned. I found him dead. I immediately called the church people to pray. We were ready to bury my son. People prayed and prayed and my son came back to life. He is now in 5th grade.

In all these difficulties, “I worship God. I curse the traditional gods and praise God for he cared for me.”

Moses’ story and others we heard testify to the fact that God does not leave His people. The Sudanese have been “strong and courageous” as God called Joshua to be. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to visit Sudan just now and to meet Moses and hear his story.

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