Beautiful farmland in central Kenya

Today we drove a couple hours NNE of Nairobi to visit the Kandara Covenant Church. The terraced farmland around there is beautiful. I was continuously fascinated by the terraces on the steep land. We also saw creative inter-cropping systems: coffee with beans growing under it, corn and other crops.

Farming on Terraces

We had a short worship with some of the Kandara members.   Many could not be there because it was mid-day and they were working.

Alberto speaking

Following worship we were invited to Pastor Francis’ house for chai and chapatis.  We were also served a goat, potatoes & carrot stew with cooked cabbage on top.  Excellent food, but I ate too much.

After this visit to Francis’ house we also went to visit Simon’s parents wo live nearby.  She served us chapatis, chai and boiled potatoes in a thin liquid.  It was good.  They are a wonderful couple who have been married 48 years.

Lunch at Francis' house

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