One Gift — Much Fruit Over Many Years

Gbadana Moya Jacques

“I am a fruit of the church,” stated Jacques Gbadana Moya at the party celebrating his graduation last Saturday. Gbadana, as he is called here, graduated with distinction with a Masters in French from the Protestant University in Mbandaka. He is one of a very few people with a Masters in French in the entire region.

In his testimony to those who came to celebrate he declared, “It was not me. It was what God enabled me to do.” Gbadana was a recipient of a CEFI (Covenant Educator’s Fellowship International) scholarship back in the late 80s. He remembers that I was on the committee that granted him the partial scholarship and he thanked me for my role in his life way back then. Following completion of his bachelors degree, he served the church for 15 years as a teacher in the Education Department and as Administrative Secretary to the CEUM President. He is deeply grateful to the CEUM and the Covenant for their support and encouragement. Now that he has finished his studies he wants to serve the church however he can. He is waiting to see what God directs him to do next.

We thank the Lord for testimonies such as Gbadana’s. It is a priviledge to be here and be able to hear these in person. Thanks Lord!

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