On the road again – flexibility always needed

**written on Thurs, Oct 21st**
Yes, we’re traveling again. This time to visit the Evangelical Covenant Church of Sudan (ECCS) and then the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK). On Oct 20, we left Kinshasa for Nairobi where we met James Tang. We were supposed to have traveled from Nairobi to Juba and then Juba on to Malakal in eastern southern Sudan. But, the plane schedule was changed last week and our flight was moved to Friday. So we scrambled to find lodging in Juba. Thankfully we knew where the World Relief International compound was and they had an open apartment for us to share. Otherwise we would have ended up in a hotel, which can run $125/night and up!! This place is insane for the number of UN and humanitarian agencies based here. They are all over like ants at a picnic.

So, the original plan to travel Friday by boat from Malakal up the Bor River to Nasir, overnight and then Saturday on to Akobo where we would worship on Sunday is now changed. I’m not sure what the new plan will be. We will learn when we get to Malakal tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers for us and these changes. FYI the last time I was in Akobo was in January 1999 when I flew in with 4 others from the Covenant to ordain 10 pastors of the new ECCS.

Following the trip up the river to Akobo and back, we will have meetings in Malakal with the church leadership. November 1 we return to Juba and November 2 continue on to through Nairobi to Mombassa where we will get an overnight at the beach. That’s right– roughing it. Someone has to do it and after where we’ll have been on this trip it will be needed. Here’s a look at our travels on the map of southern Sudan – you can find Juba in the bottom and the other cities are starred:

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