We have new neighbors!

Praying before Tim & Helen's house

As of last Saturday the 11th, Tim’s birthday, we have new neighbors. Colleagues Tim and Helen Smith moved the long distance, 100 meters, from the guest house to their new house which is about 80 feet from ours. Pray for them as they settle into an unfinished house. They have 2 rooms completed: their bedroom and the bathroom. Pray for them as they live amongst the ongoing finishing and furnishing and as they look to start cooking for themselves soon. We have enjoyed the fellowship over meals 3 times a day and will miss that.

Praying around Tim & Helen

On Monday the CEUM leaders and headquarters staff came over to bless their house. As it was for ours, a great celebration calling on Jesus’ name to protect the house and all those in it from evil. We are richly blessed to live in a community which so regularly and fervently calls on the power of Jesus in their lives. We have much to learn about doing this in our own lives.


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