Reception Serving Line

We had a wonderful and warm reception when we arrived in Gemena Wednesday afternoon.  Keith Gustafson was there to meet us along with the CEUM people responsible for protocol in town.  There were no problems with the officials and soon we were on our way for the 4 mile drive to Bokonzo, the neighborhood on the outskirts of Gemena where we will live.  This is where the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) headquarters is located and many of the church leaders live.

As we drove in, there was a group gathered to welcome us.  Palm branches were along the sides of the road.  The welcome included shaking everyone’s hand, words of welcome by President Mossai Sanguma and comments from us.  Then there was tea and roasted peanuts for everyone.  We were blessed by the many who showed up.

Zefanu & Cindy

This photo shows Cindy and Zefanu.  He worked for us as cook/househelp when we lived in Gemena between 1986-1991.  He was a believer and a pleasant man to have working for us who loved the kids.  He was at the reception and then came back the next day to sit and chat and hear how all the family is doing.  He was very encouraged to see pictures of the kids.  Will we hire him again?  We don’t know and don’t have to make that decision yet.

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