Reflections on Mission Connection Week

Our time in Chicago for the Mission Connection Week was excellent.  We really appreciated the opportunities to get to know many of our other Covenant missionaries, some of whom we had met only briefly.  Through personal sharing and sharing of our ministries we felt bonded to them as we completed our time together.  The times of prayer for each couple were very special.

Praying for Tim and Helen Smith

Praying for Tim and Helen Smith

The devotional times with their focus on some time of worship through singing and the Word followed by 30 minutes of solitude meditations were much appreciated.  We both felt drawn closer to God through these times.

Some other highlights:  having incoming President Gary Walter share the Word, his testimony, visions for the Covenant and respond to questions; blogging lessons at the North Park library with this as the result; the hors-d’oeuvres with many Covenant administrators; the Gipsy Kings concert at Ravinia park Saturday evening; ice cream sundaes with retired missionaries at Northbook Retirement Center and the barbecue followed by communion at Curt & Martie  Peterson’s,

Sunday morning we were asked to speak at Sojourner Covenant in Evanston.  It was good to share some stories of our ministry with these people.

How blessed are the feet of those who preach Good news

How blessed are the feet of those who preach Good news

One our icebreaker activities the first night was decorating 3 volunteers feet.  Fun.  Here are Nancy Reed’s feet.

Looking ahead we will seek to post regularly to this blog, particularly following trips or significant events.

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