Touched by the children at Bethlehem

We were touched by the simple, tender prayers of the children of Bethlehem Covenant Church last week.   Wednesday, January 13, we were in Minneapolis and spoke to about 20 K-6th grade children at Bethlehem.  We talked about where we are working, used a map to orient them, told a couple stories, shared the funny “Road to Loko” video and answered questions.  The children’s ministry leader asked us:  How did you feel that God was calling you to serve in Africa?  How can we pray for you?  What do you look forward to?  After a slow start the kids started praying simple, one sentence prayers.  They prayed:  “God help them learn Lingala.  Help them adjust to Congo.  Help them make new friends.  Help them as they meet their neighbors.”   Thanks Lord for these dear friends.

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