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End of Ramadan, time to celebrate with friends

The end of Ramadan feast day happened a day later than we planned, weirdly being celebrated in CAR on Tuesday and Wednesday in Cameroon.  We went and had a lovely time with 5 different households, wishing we could have squeezed

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Roy the orchid guy

Roy’s orchid hobby has given us such joy-filled wonder over the years.  Orchids from all over the world have been blooming on our porches and in our homes, just for the beauty of them.  Not for food or for development,

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Workers and music

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go,…  except they’re not singing the seven dwarves’ song, they’re listening to some cuhrazy music on their phones.  Seems like music helps us get the job done, giving us energy and

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Our right hand guy, Antonio, had a time of it digging this termite mound out, surprised to find more than one queen each with her egg sack undulating with a bazillion babies.  Makes for a nice little snack for some

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