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Village visit

Roy was able to go with Nadege and Benoit to a nearby village to help the ag co-op there measure out placement for planting their coffee plants.  This particular co-op is doing very well and is a great example of

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Last week CEFA harvested cinnamon for the first time.  You are supposed to be able to harvest after 2 year’s growth, but this first bunch has rather thin bark.  It definitely has a very strong cinnamon aroma though, and after

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The ag work just keeps on

Whether it’s grafting,

seeing new blossoms that mean fruit in the future (this is a very different cola nut tree),

planting a coconut tree with tithonia leaves all around it to deter termites’ destruction,

Roy and Alexandre, the farm manager,

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We are finally adding to the chicken project, hoping to get it going well again, and these are the new members of the chicken coop.   From coop to co-op is the ultimate goal!

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After church meal

Last Sunday, May 26th, which was supposed to be Mother’s Day here, our little church family out at the farm decided that we would have a meal together.  We had a guest speaker, Pastor M, who often does

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What do you remember about lost loved ones?

When I went to H’s last week to teach the bible story about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, her place was basically deserted.  Usually, by the time I get there, mid morning, her yard is a beehive of movement.  Kids

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Our dear friend and colleague, Anton, is resigning from his position as Africa coordinator with the Swedish mission’s Interact.  There is a committee to take his place, with ex-missionaries (we know them all and think they are great choices) heading

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Ag ministry

Whether across the border at a Fulani women’s co-op garden

or a connection to sell fruit trees to an avid farmer
CEFA continues to help people grow crops to feed their families, and helps them to know that the Lord

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CEFA’s future

CEFA’s contract workers are having meetings to brainstorm about the future of the farm and extension work.  Funding will most likely be there through 2020, and they must dream big into this next phase.  They are bringing in income from

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Beauty this week

We praise the God of creation!

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