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Ag ministry

Whether across the border at a Fulani women’s co-op garden

or a connection to sell fruit trees to an avid farmer
CEFA continues to help people grow crops to feed their families, and helps them to know that the Lord …

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CEFA’s future

CEFA’s contract workers are having meetings to brainstorm about the future of the farm and extension work.  Funding will most likely be there through 2020, and they must dream big into this next phase.  They are bringing in income from …

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Beauty this week

We praise the God of creation!

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May 1st was Labor Day

Yes, it was 2 weeks ago, but we did celebrate Labor Day with the CEFA employees.  We had a nice meal and Roy gave a quick but very encouraging talk.  Oh, how I love gozo!!  Some years they have a …

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Blessing ceremony for our local church’s new prez

Last Sunday we went to Berberati in order to join in the celebration as the new president of our local church was officially blessed and established in office, they call it “installation” in French.  It was good to see so …

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