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News from Central Africa

We have had good communications with our friends who carry on with the ag and Jesus ministry of CEFA.  Donatien, as director, with Nadege and other employees, are working hard to keep things going. Donatien and Nadege recently made the …

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Back 2 Eden

We are excited to see our kids involved in the ag outreach ministry we left behind in South Africa, Back 2 Eden.  Anna and the kids went with Zweli to visit a couple of places last week, and things are …

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Yardwork in the cold!

Roy loves to be outside, working with his hands, and our farm home provides plenty for him to do, even in winter!  Josh often joins him when he’s not at work teaching.  It is cool to see the two working …

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Our Plymouth family

We so enjoy doing life with our neighbors across our mudroom!  We are blessed to be next door to Josh, Kimia, Maddie, Maia, and Emrie!  Emrie, our youngest grandchild at 7 years, is a very busy bundle of joy, and …

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Our South Africa family

We are so blessed to have connections to our family across the ocean!  We miss our kids, and our friends that are family to us!

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Christmas blossoms

Thanks to our Anna at our home at the Back 2 Eden farm in South Africa, we can enjoy the Christmas blooms from all the photos she sends!  You’ll notice all sorts of blossom beauties!

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