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Whooeee, sweetspot!

One aisle of the hospital storeroom, before the shipping container got unloaded.  Looks like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards, doesn’t it?!This is after the unloading, now for unpacking and sorting.  Most of the contents of these boxes are clothes, …

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“Communication is the name of the game”, followed by “the Fulani have great confidence in all things medical, from doctors to meds to begging for surgery they don’t need, so tell the students to remember that that trust is a …

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Here’s a bouquet for all you moms out there!  Whether you are old enough to be my mom, or young enough to be my granddaughter, I picked these flowers thinking of you; thinking of the challenges and the joys …

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Ouch! and thank You!

This poor mango tree has suffered some very rough treatment, but it stands strong and provides shade from the blazing tropical sun, never mind all the fruit it still provides in spite of the scars it bears.  Just recently I …

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A friend shared this

May it be so with me.  Would you pray for me, who finds it so easy to judge?  Thank you.

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Thank you Lord for Fulani buddies

It’s always a delight to visit friends across the border; to just be with them and catch up on the family and town news.  Sometimes we hear of joys, like a new baby or marriage, sometimes we hear sad news, …

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to South Africa

Hooray!!!! Roy, Nadege (CEFA village co-op supervisor), and Benoit (CEFA director) are going to South Africa!!!  There will be a Covenant World Relief conference in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, May 21-27, and they are to be participants.  Nadege and Benoit travelled …

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