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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As we celebrated the Messiah’s coming with only part of our birth family (you can see Josh and Kimia and their girls in the photo next to the Jesus candle), we couldn’t help but be thankful for blog-jkmme-w-us

the families God …

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Building a house

Sam is in process of building, pretty much in his spare time, a house for us on Lynn & Gary’s farm.  Sam and family are aiming to be here for some time yet, so we thought it might be a …

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What to do

Anna had to take a picture of me coming home from work on my first day – it actually was the first and last day of “work” for 2016.  Everyone’s on holiday, because it’s not only Christmas, but summer vacation …

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Make your own corn toss?

Roy built the frames and Sawyer and Elaina painted the creatures on them.  I made the bags to fill with corn, following the measurement and weight online.  I couldn’t help but think of Roy’s birthday last year when Maddie and …

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Good news

We’ve just heard recently from our friends at Gamboula that there are a few Fulani coming again to the mission hospital for treatment.  Thank you for keeping the prayers going.  May peace reign again, and may the Lord’s love shine!…

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Not Roy’s week

Roy was the first one to use the new jar of pepper…


and he bravely ate around the biggest part of the spill, not quite the Exxon Valdez, but bad enough.  He normally loves pepper, well, especially hot chili peppers, …

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Getting ag development going

Roy, never one to sit still, has been on the move since our arrival to South Africa.  We plan on spending Dec-Feb each year helping out with ministries at Genesis (Christian non-profit org) alongside our kids.  It is dry season …

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Celebrating Jesus’ birth

It’s summertime in S. Africa.  School has just finished and families are heading off for summer vacation.  Businesses slow down and tourists fill the area, in spite of the great white sharks roaming about in the nearby ocean.  Because of …

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Making Christmas cookies


If the Hallelujah chorus comes on, no matter what you’re doing, you’ve just got to sing along!  This is joy!

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