Pushing the limits

I guess you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get goods into your landlocked, goods-starved country, right?  I do wonder what the guy on top is pointing at and if he’s communicating with someone other than himself?!  Can the driver hear him? We saw this same car on its way to shop, empty, with 2 guys sitting on the roof, and even then the back wheels were splayed outwards.  I don’t even want to think about what’ll happen when those underpinnings give up.blog-better-overloadBecause of lack of vehicles and means, those who are able push the limits.  People on our side of the river are thankful for these overloaders, because that means there is oil, flour, etc for sale now in our markets.  Of course there are many parallels to draw from the statement; “Because of lack of “x” and means, those who are able push the limits”.  Too often the ones with the means push the limits in very negative directions.

There have recently been skirmishes with deaths and injuries (far from our peaceful little corner of the country) and strikes in the capital.  Please continue to pray for peace and reconciliation for CAR, with one result hopefully being that normal traffic and commerce can be reestablished, but the main result being people living in harmony.


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As Covenant missionaries, we are working with all the tribal groups of the Central African Republic (CAR) but are trying to give special attention to the Fulani, a Musxlim, cattle herding, and semi-nomadic people group. We live on an experimental/training farm, near a mission station which has a hospital plus bible and nursing schools. We are establishing relationships with the local people groups through compassion ministries; Roy through agriculture and Aleta through public health and visitation, in order, ultimately, to share the good news of Jesus the Messiah with them. CAR is one of the least developed countries in the world and is currently in continual crisis (since the coup in March 2013), so reaching out in compassion is key to reaching their hearts. Due to the ongoing conflict and resultant ethnic cleansing in CAR, we are crossing the border to interact with our Fulani contacts.
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