We’re online!!!

The son of one of our local families here happens to be an internet rep/installation guy and he offered to set us up with our own dish and modem at our home at the CEFA farm.  It’s pricey, but it works beautifully!

Here you have Jackson welding the support base and Nicodeme, our personal nerd herd, getting things ready on his computer.  I did offer him a little table for his computer instead of having it sit on the wet grass, but… Roy was under the weather that day, and Luke T. pitched in running around finding supplies and climbing up in our attic to pass wires in and out.  blog-intnt-install

The rain didn’t stop them from their task, thankfully it was light and short-lived.

Calibrating the dish position.  We are so thankful for Nico and his expertise.  Now we just have to figure out how many gigabytes we’ll use in a month and sign up for the internet package accordingly.blog-intnt-install3

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As Covenant missionaries, we are working with all the tribal groups of the Central African Republic (CAR) but are trying to give special attention to the Fulani, a Musxlim, cattle herding, and semi-nomadic people group. We live on an experimental/training farm, near a mission station which has a hospital plus bible and nursing schools. We are establishing relationships with the local people groups through compassion ministries; Roy through agriculture and Aleta through public health and visitation, in order, ultimately, to share the good news of Jesus the Messiah with them. CAR is one of the least developed countries in the world and is currently in continual crisis (since the coup in March 2013), so reaching out in compassion is key to reaching their hearts. Due to the ongoing conflict and resultant ethnic cleansing in CAR, we are crossing the border to interact with our Fulani contacts.
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