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Still in Africa

blog 12 lesotho1Okay, so the road isn’t a dirt based, rutted one, but this is still Africa.


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Big hunter!


Thump! went something on the front bumper.  Sam pulled over, grabbed a bag out of the back of the car, and went running back down the highway with a grin on his face.  Anna followed, while the kids asked …

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In Lesotho for Christmas


blog 12 lesotho blog 12 SamAnna blog 12 SawyerOh what JOY!!!!   We are in Lesotho with Sam, Anna, Elaina, and Sawyer, until Dec. 27th.   We are thoroughly enjoying our time with them, working and playing and sharing and praying and of course eating!   Please pray for them …

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At the CEFA farm

Roy was busy in November with lots of tasks, and one of them was trying to get our house out at the CEFA farm ready to move into by January when we return to C.A.R.  He and many others have …

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Please pray for C.A.R.

Please pray for the people of the Central African Republic.  War torn, hurt, fearful, hungry, mourning, worried, sick, dying, homeless, angry, hopeless; you name it and you would be describing someone in this messed up country.  The international community has …

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Thank you, God, for protection!

blog 12 green mamba blog 12 green mamba1


Roy and I were reunited in Yaounde after a month’s separation.  We were guests of Karl & Mary Noren, and neighbors to our Gamboula buddies, the Turks, who are in Yaounde for this school year.  A gardener saw and …

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On my way back to Africa

blog 12 Barb in BelgiumBarb Swanson, long time buddy, lives in Belgium with her husband, Steve.  They minister at the international church in Antwerp and among the large refugee community there.  I had some very precious moments with Barbocasteve in the airport, catching up …

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Christmas tree time!

Before I left Indiana for Africa, I was able to enjoy our little family’s Christmas tree decoration time!

blog 12 tree

blog 12 tree4 blog 12 tree3 blog 12 tree2 blog 12 tree1


So serious in the placement, so careful with the precious memory making ornaments!

blog 12 tree5Setting up 2 nativity sets in a very …

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