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Stories from across the border

Benoit YMeet Benoit Y., friend and helper.  This is one of the men who helped us to leave the mission in a timely manner on March 24th.  If not for his surveillance of the situation, we may have driven with our …

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May prayer requests

Dear Family and Friends,

Again we come to you with one basic request for prayer this month, but it has many facets:

Please pray for peace and order in the Central African Republic.

We still are hearing from our African …

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Light up ahead!

As I think about our friends, our home, our opportunities to show how much God loves us and how we can’t be there, I can’t help but grieve. This is a dark and sad place to be, to think of …

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Roy & the Turks on an important trip!!!!

If you noticed me writing in the first person singular just now, it’s because I’m by myself for a bit.  Roy and Luke and Leanne Turk

took off this morning for a 6 day trip to the border town here …

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Home away from home

Here at the SIL/Wycliffe guesthouse in the big busy city of Yaounde, we each have our own little cubicle rooms with bed, table & chair, and wannabe closet, but we share bathrooms and the dining area and kitchen. I happen …

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Random acts of kindness

The power was out last night, and there we were, Roy & I, sitting at our computers, in the dark, sweltering in our little room at the SIL/Wycliffe guesthouse in Yaounde. It is a small room with no cross ventilation, …

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