Merry Christmas!! Really!!!

We are thankful to be children of the true King, thankful to be where we are, though that could change in the near future.  You may be aware of advancing rebel forces in our country, but we want to reassure all of you that we are safe where we are.  The action, though reports say it has been a steadily peaceful advance, is far to the east of us, on the other side of the capital from us.  We are just a hop, skip and a jump from the border of Cameroon, and could cross easily.  We are hoping and praying that above all there would be peace.  Peace on earth for Christmas.

Thankful to be able to worship freely, we had a good but long (o; church celebration Sunday morning, with skits and special music.

King Herod and his entourage

King Herod was accompanied by a group of lesser crown wearing chanters, telling the world, over and over and over again that Herod is BIG!  Herod was very full of himself and yelled for servants to fan him.

Wise man on a camel, with a globe for a map!

The wise men arrived on camel back, complete with a globe (we think this is to take the place of the star-measuring instrument they all saw recently in the Nativity movie) and went to Herod and he had to be held back as his anger raged at the news of another king.

Wise men worship Jesus

Singing in Sango and English

There was plenty of special music and recital of verses from the bible telling the Christmas story.  We are rejoicing, thankful that Jesus was born, for each and every one.  We hope and pray your Christmas celebrations are full of family and friends and joy and peace!


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As Covenant missionaries, we are working with all the tribal groups of the Central African Republic (CAR) but are trying to give special attention to the Fulani, a Musxlim, cattle herding, and semi-nomadic people group. We live on an experimental/training farm, near a mission station which has a hospital plus bible and nursing schools. We are establishing relationships with the local people groups through compassion ministries; Roy through agriculture and Aleta through public health and visitation, in order, ultimately, to share the good news of Jesus the Messiah with them. CAR is one of the least developed countries in the world and is currently in continual crisis (since the coup in March 2013), so reaching out in compassion is key to reaching their hearts. Due to the ongoing conflict and resultant ethnic cleansing in CAR, we are crossing the border to interact with our Fulani contacts.
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