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Harvest Thankfulness

Today was harvest Sunday at our local church. Last week, as people geared up for today’s celebration, we heard a sermon all about “us”. We need to give because we will get blessed, we need to give so we don’t …

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Ramadan’s almost over

Ramadan is nearly over with for this year, and we are hoping that our Fulani friends are blessed by dreams and visions of the Messiah. Please pray especially for them on their night of prayer/power, when they stay up all …

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Creative Ironing 101

Well, if you have a Swedish style ironing board that doesn’t have a tip small enough for ironing shoulder seams, what do you do??? You use your hand!!! Here’s Mattieu ironing a blouse shoulder. Thankfully I found out that he …

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August Prayer concerns

Thank you for caring enough to pray!
The leadership seminars in the ag/development co-ops out in 15 villages went well.
YIPPEE! YAY, GOD!! Our son, Sam , passed the technical evaluation exams (July 23-31) for entrance into mission with MAF …

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